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Friday, November 7, 2008

8 Types of Baldness

by dr.Ay

Baldness, or in medical terms known as alopesia, is consist of various types and causes. The common type of alopesia is alopesia areata and alopesia androgenika. The causes of alopesia areata are mostly genetic or imunologicc factors, while alopesia androgenika which usually occured in men attain the age of late twenty or early thirty is caused by genetic factors and high level of androgen hormones in the skin of head. The other causes that comes from outside the body (external causes) such as dandruff, inflammation, fungus, thyroid hormones disorder, syphilis, drugs, stress, or something which holds the hair too much by squeezing oftenly becomes the factors that can cause alopesia.

The mechanism of baldness in alopesia androgenika occured in several stage that begin from lateral and front side. The front line hair contour decline backward and we might see wider forehead. This type of baldness is divided into 8 types:

  1. Type I : fully haired head
  2. Type II : decreased amount of hair on both side of lateral head
  3. Type III : border line
  4. Type IV : decreased amount of hair on front & lateral area accompanied by the decline of middle frontline hair
  5. Type V : more severe form of type IV
  6. Type VI : the alopesia become one
  7. Type VII : severe form of type VI with invasion to the lateral side
  8. Type VIII : complete baldness

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